Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Programme

Amazon Affiliates is also known as Amazon Associates. I will tell you how you can make a lot of money by using it.

Registration is compulsory.

Providing a bank account is must to receive payments.

A minimum of $100 is required for withdrawal.

A link is active for 24 hours according to the 24-hour amazon cache policy.

Amazon affiliate links in emails are not allowed.

Cross country promotion is not allowed.

First of all, is a regional programme. This means is purely different from is for USA and is for India.

If anyone from outside your territory landed on your website. Then you will be not credited with anything.

So first look at your region that you are targeting.

Beginning to Amazon Affiliate Programme

You can Monetize your website with a link. it is all the game of links.

If you have a website with decent traffic. Man! are going to make a lot of money. But if you don’t have a website then also you can earn a lot. Just follow the instruction below.

  • Select your Region that you are targeting.
  • If The USA then Click here for India Click Here
  • Start with the registration and fill the form accordingly.

Now you will now on your dashboard. and it will look something like this.

Now you can choose your categories like Fashion, Electronics or Amazon Promo Codes & Coupons.

When Accessing these categories you will find a link attached with the product named “Get Link“.

Just click on that and you will now find types of link i.e HTML, Short Link & Normal link.

Pick you type of link and promote it on your website.

But if you don’t have a website you can still earn.

How to earn with Ease

I will shortly tell you the best way to earn from Amazon Affiliate programme without a website.

  • Promote your website on Social Media Platform. Find facebook groups or follow people of related interests. Promote your link with proper information. Include images to attract the audience.
  • Tell the people you know. Use that link for buying any stuff. You yourself use it including friend and family members
  • Make a Separate page including any link to it. Write beautiful content in relate to that link. Promote this page & Build some Backlinks (part of SEO)

After applying these steps you will definitely start to earn good through the’s Affiliate Marketing Programme.

How to analyze your Amazon Earnings

After you log in to your dashboard, your dashboard will have a section who looks something like this.

Amazon's Earnings Analytic reports

Here you can see the analytics report. This report will provide you with no. to click on your links. With that, you can see a summary and graphical report oin earnings, items shipped & conversation rate.

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