Bad News for Affiliate Marketers

Due to the Lockdown there is a bundle of problems we all are facing. But a very bad news for affiliate marketers specially Amazon Affiliates. Amazon just shut down all its PPC campaign as i told you in the previous article. Now a new news came to light. When I open my amazon dashboard it says.

“All the services have been stopped due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). So all the affiliates are requested to stop reverting traffic to amazon. As all the services has been shut down as we care for our Amazon associates and the people. Only the main and items of priority will be open”.

This means now there will be no earning for Amazon Affiliate marketers. Because no item will be delivered and no earning will be credited to the affiliate accounts. Everything is stopped for now. This is obvious in this crisis as due to Lockdown there is immense amount to stress for everyone. To be frank nobody is going to order a new Smart Phone or anything apart from masks, sanitizes and food. The essential items.

Online earnings will be affected

It will not be a shock if other affiliated programmes & even Google Ads/Adsense will shut down in the near future. Advertising now is just a waste for everyone. The economy is now came to at still. No all we can do is keep our self to our home and try to spend less. Only the essential commodities like food, water and hygiene should be our priority. In this crisis we should be together and follow the guidelines give by the government. This will be beneficial for all of us. Once the virus is gone we can get back to a normal life. Where we don’t have to forget what this virus has told us.

COVID-19 is not only affected china but the whole world. It has only only effected the offline economy but the online as well. See a big company like Amazon is shutting down each of its services one by one. And who knows what more to come for the digital marketers and for others as well.

My personal opinion to the world

If I be truely genuine what i personally feel. The only solution to this disease is “Antidote“. It becomes really important for us. As it spread at a fast pace. Even many researchers have told that Areas with temperature 3-11 degree Celsius. This virus spreads way more faster. We need a medicine to fight this disease. Let’s suppose the disease is gone but it can arise instantly and can spike to a high scale. We need to be aware and do everything we can.

Every year now is getting tough to survive. But we are human that what we do. Destroy the nature that give us more than we require. now its time to repay or the human will be extinct just like dinosaurs.