Create and Submit a Sitemap to Google Easily

I will show you the simplest way that how you can create and submit a sitemap.xml File in google for free. This can be done manually through FileZilla(FTP) or through Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. I will show you both the processes.

First, I will give you a brief detail that what is a Sitemap So when you submitting a sitemap not only a sitemap.xml File but it also includes URL List File and ROR File. So when we submit a sitemap we are informing Google to crawl these URLs in the priority that we assign to each URL.

If you have blocked any URL in your Robots.txt file that URL will not be fetched when creating a sitemap.xml file.

Create a Sitemap Manually

  • The first step is to create a sitemap for your website. ​Go to and copy your website home page URL and simply click START. It will take a minute depending on how many URLs you website have.
XML Sitemap

Note: This tools can only make a sitemap for 500 URLs for free. If you have more than 500 pages you have to take a paid plan. If you are using WordPress these are no limit as the Yoast SEO plugin is free for this. ​

  • When it will be done. You have to click View Sitemap Details. ​ ​After this step, you will be redirected to a page that says download your XML sitemap file. but you need to go down and download all sitemap in a zip file.
  • ​Now when you have downloaded your sitemap zip file. Now unzip it and you will able to extract it. You will find 4 files in it i.e sitemap.xml, URL list, RoR, sitemap.html.
  • ​Open your FileZilla and connect it to your website.
  • Go to the root file i.e public_html and paste all the sitemap extracted file here except sitemap.html file.

Submit and Verify your Sitemap

Webmaster Tool
  • Now you can see your website home page URL and after that a blank space and a tab to submit it. Write sitemap.xml on that blank space and submit it. Google will check it and give you the confirmation just below that.
  • Now you have check whether the sitemap is successfully working or not. For that, you need to open a new tab in your browser and write your website home page and /sitemap.xml ( You will be redirected to a screen where you can see your submitted URLs with the priority where 1 is the highest and 0 is the lowest.
XML Sitemap

Create a Sitemap in WordPress

  • Download Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to the general settings and click on the feature tab and turn on sitemap.
Yoast SEO Sitemap

That’s it you have successfully created your sitemap.

Now you have to submit your sitemap in the google search console or webmasters tool.

  • Follow the same procedure go to the sitemap and in the blank space write sitemap_index.xml and now you have submitted your sitemap successfully.
  • Check your submitted sitemap in your browser. write you Website/sitemap_index.xml(

You can see the list of the file which means you have submitted your sitemap.

NOTE: Use only one of the sitemap if using WordPress Yoast SEO plugin for sitemaps than you need to remove it from your website root file that you have uploaded.

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