How You Can Earn Backlinks from High D.A Websites

From the starting of my SEO career, I had seen that no blog, no article, no youtube even no expert can tell you how to create backlinks properly. This is the most knowledgable thing to know. So that is why most people don’t tell you the correct way to do it. They even give you names of the websites like Microsoft but won’t tell you how to take a link to your website from there. It is not easy to take a backlink from a website like Microsoft.

Today I am gonna show you give you the list of websites from where you can earn backlinks for your website. I will also tell you where and how you can generate backlink that will surely cache in google.

Tips for Creating backlinks

I will tell you something that most of the beginners do while creating backlinks. These are several things you should remember. See each page URL is targeted for some specific keywords. You need to remember while a submission that you should use these words in your content with the URL. It will be great if you use a short URL for submissions. 

  • Do not use your homepage URL on all submissions. Always analyze your pages and then create links to each page in the correct ratio. For me, you should work for one page on a single day and others on the second. This is a more white-hat technique you should use. 
  • Always use unique content on each of your submissions with the targeted words for that URL. This will indicate Google that you are manually doing the work instead of software.
  • The Backlinks that you have created share them on your social media. This is called tier 2 backlinking. Like this, it can be 4 tiers but it is good till tier 2. Always share your backlinks on your social profile. 
  • Fill the form completely. Fill each of your information correctly. Use your social media links and unique content with your targeted keywords and URL. This is time-consuming but this is the best way to do it.
  • Use a good clear logo and images for your submission. This technique will increase the chances to generate referral traffic for your website.
  • Your submission should not look spammy. 
  • If the link is not allowed you can leave a dead URL with the content highlighting it with *yourlink*. Best practice as the dead URL also counts.

List of Websites and Technique to take backlink

D.AWebsiteTypeTip to take backlink
30 Guest Post (Digital Marketing)Direct Submission Page
22 ForumRegister on this website and after one post you can give links to your website
40 http://adposta.comClassifiedRegister to this website and you can post Anchor text backlink
50 Classified Always use a VPN for this website, If it asks you for the phone no. verification, use Incognito mode.
95 https://www.crunchbase.comProfileOnly one link allowed on your profile page.
50 Business ListingRegister and Make your Business Profile. One link allowed
95 Profile/ppt/pdfRegister and Link to your profile. More links are allowed when you post a pdf or ppt.
80 https://www.sulekha.comClassifiedRegister and One link to the profile and other on post allowed
90 https://www.diigo.comSocial BookmarkingEasy to take link. Register and directly share your URL
80 https://99designs.comProfileJust register and leave your URL on the Profile Page
80 http://www.apsense.comSocial Bookmarking Only when you post an article will give you a backlink.
80 https://lockerdome.comProfileRegister and leave your targeted URL on the profile page
50 https://yellow.placeBusiness ListingRegister as an agency and link your URL on your profile
95 https://flickr.comInfographicsUpload an image and create an HTMLcodeto create Anchor text in the description of the image.
50 http://www.lacartes.comBusiness ListingLink only on the profile page. The minimum of 300 words description is compulsory.
60 https://www.hotfrog.comBusiness ListingSelect your country and then select the Hotfrog domain. eg. for India it is (.in) for USA it is (.com)
80 https://www.plurk.comSocial BookmarkingRegister and share your website URL daily here. Anchor text allowed
100 https://wordpress.comFree WebsiteCreate a free website and there is no restriction of URLs
100 https://medium.comBlog postPost anchor URL attaching a blog post
95 https://myspace.comInfographicsUpload an image and leave a short URL with hashtags. The link will be clickable
40 Map ListingMark your location on the map and attack a URL in the description.
72 ProfileMake a profile and share your link
92 https://www.behance.netProfileAttach link to the profile description
85 http://www.authorstream.comPDF/PPTApart from pdf you can take a link from the profile section
63 http://www.folkd.comSocial BookmarkingLink share directly
93 https://www.goodreads.comProfileLink on the profile page only
90 https://issuu.comPDFLink to profile and to other pdf ppt attachments in the description.
90 https://flipboard.comSocial BookmarkingLink to profile and directly link share
70 https://www.scoop.itSocial BookmarkingDirect link shares but changes the meta title and description with a new image to it.
95 ProfileOne time Link create a profile and leave a link there
70 https://list.lySocial BookmarkingYou can take link from various types like image, URL and Video but it is paid after some time.
40 Social Bookmarking Share the link directly
92 https://about.meProfileHere you can create a page or portfolio of your website with a link attached to it.
75 ProfileA website for music but can create a file with your URL attack to it and social media integrated into it.
89 https://www.minds.comSocial BookmarkingShare regular posts like any other social media platform. you may not generate traffic but surely the link will be cached.
70 https://www.dead.netProfileA link to on your profile page that’s it nothing more you can do here.

These are the bunch of mixed websites to create backlinks. I have told you how you can create it on the ( Tip to take backlink ) section. You can do this and it will be enough to take your website on page one. But only off-page linking is not enough you need to optimize your on-page optimization to get the maximum result out of it.

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