Find and Remove Copied Content of your Website

I will show you the easiest method that how you can remove an indexed website from google search engine that is ranking high or below you. If they have copied or duplicated your website content you can remove them by filing a Google DMCA complaint against the website. See how to do it.

Identify your Copied Content in Google Manually

  • Check your Website Content on Google for Plagiarism
Double Quotes Search for Copied Content

Copy a sentence from any of your web page and search it on google with double quotes. If anyone is is visible on that search instead of that website open them all and find your original content.

Removal of Your Copied Content

Google DMCA Dashboard

Log in with the account that is connected to your Google Webmasters account.

  • Create a new Notice to start filing out the Complaint Form
Google DMCA Complaint Form

1. Fill out your name, and other details. If you are the sole owner fill out self in the Copyright holder you represent section.

2. YOUR COPYRIGHTED WORK is the most important part. Fill it with full care as it will result in your website deindexing.

3. Identify and describe the copyrighted work: In this Section, you need to put the copied content in the format mention below. Remember the copied content is “A disavow file allows a website owner to communicate with Google”

A disavow file allows a website owner to communicate with Google which can be viewed at the URL below is infringed by the text excerpted on the site, beginning with the text ‘A disavow file allows a website owner to communicate with Google’

Here first you have to write your copied content and then where is it on the website. You just have to mention the starting line of the paragraph from where your content is copied.

  • Where can we see an authorized example of the work: In this section, you need to put your URL where Googled can see your original content.
  • Location of infringing material: Here you need to put the URL of the Website who has copied your website content.

Now you can submit the form and wait for it until it approves or reject your request. It will be shown on your Google DMCA Dashboard. Google also gives you the reason if they reject your request. It will take 24 hours to work on your request.

Still, Facing any issues? Comment below or contact us will inform you of the best solution.

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