Free Technique to Remove your Website Harmful Backlinks

There are backlinks that are created either by a competitor or by a tool. This can lead to spammy quality of backlinks that ultimately reduce your Website rankings. So Disavow is a Google tool where we submit domains and URLs that are harming our website.

This can perfectly be done through premium paid tools like Ahrefs or cheap but effective tools like Majestic. These tools have the power to deeply analyze your backlinks that you cannot able to find manually. But my only purpose to write this blog is to show you how can we Analyse, Identify and Disavow harmful backlinks from our website.

So First of fall filing Disavow complaint file don’t remove your backlinks for anywhere but it will make the value of that backlinks neutral for your website. So that means it will be shown where it meant to be but did not pass an impact on your website.

How to Analyse bad Links for Free

As we like doing most of the things for free so this is easy and a free method to analyze bad backlinks for your website. Follow the step below and you will able to do it yourself.

  • Go to and write your website domain name in double inverted commas something like this “” and hit enter.
  • You will see many pages from your website but some from others as well. You have to open all the pages apart from your website page and search where your website by Domain name.
Analyze Backlinks manually in Google

Pro Tip: If You are unable to find it then press CONTROL (U) or write in the address bar (Domain Name). Then search your domain name. You will easily find your URL.

  • If you find your domain name in any of the websites that you think are spammy or the link is not created by you. Save that website domain name if you want to disavow the whole website or just the URL for a specific page in notepad.
  • Now do it with all links. Make a notepad file and place all URL or Domain there.
  • Not After finalizing your websites that you want to remove or disavow. You need to analyze infected domain for free. As a bad domain will not kill you a good link removal definitely will. So be careful and analyze your list of website in free online tools. Check for Domain Age, D.A, P.A, Wayback Machine.
Disavow File in Notepad agint harmful bad Links

Format of creating a Disavow file

  • For URL
    # Two pages to disavow
  • For Domain
    # One domain to disavow
  • Now save the file anywhere on your system with the name Disavow in .txt format
  • Open a new tab and write google disavow and open the first link by the name google disavow.
  • Now login to your google account that you have connected with your Google webmaster tool/Google Search Console.
  • You will see your website URL and a button all called Disavow Links. Click on that.
  • A new screen will appear that again says Disavow links click on that as well.
  • Now it will ask you to update your Disavow file here.
  • Choose your file that we have created in the notepad by the name disavow upload it here and click on submit. It will notify you how many URLs and Domains you have disavowed.
Submitting Disavow File in GSC

Pro Tip: A disavow file is never deleted but always updated. So whenever tha next time you want to disavow links you need to fisrt downlioad the file from the place where you had uploaded the Disavow file. Now edit that file add the new URLs or Domains and now update again upload it to the Google Disavow Tool. It will say you want to overwrite click on yes.

By following all these steps you have successfully uploaded your Disavow file in google to will remove/ neutral bad backlinks for your website.

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