Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Not Working

From the past 3 days as of 22 March 2020. I have noticed that the google webmaster tool or Say the Google search console is not working. To be specific URL inspection tool is not indexing the website. Not just the request indexing is not working but even the URL is not even opening the URL. It stuck on when I enter my URL in the box. It tests for the live URL for a very long time and after that, an error pops up that there is some issue try again after few hours. But now it has been 3 days. 

I have also checked it manually from the Google Search Page. See what I got.

Then with a lot of searched, I found out some of the threads on Google support. And found out some of the solutions from the Google Representative. But in my case, no solution is compatible or appropriate. So I asked them for another solution. A lot of other people have asked for this and related issues on the forum. May be If you face these problems you can find them out here from the threats below.

Wating for Google’s reply

Here is find out that the URL inspection tool is not working but when I checked the cached data on Google manually. It showed me that the page is cached on the same date and time when the URL is posted. Then I thought let me check it manually on the SERP result page. But then I say the real problem I faced. There was no URL on the Google SERP page for which the Cached data was showing. If it could have cached then it will surely be on the SERP.

This does not help me so I made a new thread to the Google Webmaster Forums . See what they say. keep an eye on this thread to get the latest update If you are facing the same problem.

What can be the real issue

With a lot of searching, I could not find much here. Not even a single report. Not many reports are there because of the Shutdowns that are made worldwide because of the (Coronavirus)nCov. This can be the real reason as there is a shortage of staff that will directly affect Google support and quality checkers. The bots are doing their work. But there is always a person who is keeping an eye on them. As well as if a problem occurs it doesn’t take much time to resolve. But this is a time that it can stay for a long time now. Let’s hope for all the good. Be safe and protected in this crisis. Wishing you and your family a healthy life.

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