How to do SEO without paid tools in 2020

SEO can be expensive and time consuming. But to set your budget there are vast options available in the market. So here I have some tools that can help you with your SEO/SMO practices absolutely for free.

Screaming frog for on-page optimizations

Screaming Fog Free SEO Tool

Screaming frog is an offline tool that can be downloaded for free. All the features of the tool are limited to 500 pages. You just need to download the software from the official website. After the download installs the software. remember that the software needs an internet connection to analyze. You need to type in your domain and simply all the data will be fetched. After that, it will show everything on your websites like meta title description, URL structure, sitemap, heading tags, alt text and much more.

Agorapulse for social media marketing

Agorapulse for social media

This is an excellent software to handle all social media account from one place. This is available on the internet as well as a mobile application. You can access them from both sides.

You can use AgroPulse to post one single post to all social media platforms with a single click. It also has the feature to schedule your posts across all social media.

Google keyword planner & Google Trends

Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends

Another Google tool which was paid then now free. Single login through your Gmail account and access Google keyword planner for planning keywords. Nowadays most of the users are generated on Google. So Google is the most favorable search engine ion the world. So whatever google suggests we have to follow it and stick to it. GKP is a tool by google that means most of the suggestion world to be accurate for you.

You can also go for Google Trends a new website by google to show the latest hot topics. It also allows you to see real-time searches and trending topics. This will help you to keep updated about the trends nowadays.

Neil Patel SEO checker for on-page optimizations

SEO by Neil Patel Tool

Niel Patel emerged as a renowned SEO expert. After his success, he also started some free SEO tools including Ubersuggest but we are not talking about this we are talking about the SEO optimization tool. This will help you with tons of benefits. This is always best for competitive analysis. You can put in your URL and find out all the errors and warnings with suggestions. Do as it says you on page report should be 95%. This website can help you with your SEO. You can do everything for free.

Yoast SEO for WordPress on-page optimizations recommendation

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

If you have WordPress then you must need Yoast SEO Plugin. This plugin can give you suggestions for you on page optimizations at the time you are editing your page/post. This can also help you with tons of features like keyword and content optimizations. If your post indicates a green color that means you have a good SEO score. It is very simple to use and gives good features in the free version too.

Semrush for competitive analysis

Semrush Free Tools account

Semrush can be an expensive tool to buy. But you can access the free version by signing in to your Gmail account. This is a complete SEO tool with Social Media enhancements. This gives you access to competitive analysis. You can also schedule Social media posts (up to 10 posts in the free version). Semrush Dashboard also works as analytics for your social media engagements.

Moz free tools for backlink and competitive analysis

Moz Browser Extension (Moz ToolBar)

Moz is already known in the world of SEO. You can find all tools like keyword explorer, spam score, backlink and domain authority on its official site. Login and most of the features are free. They also have a free tool section. Moz also has a browser extension for the browser. It is very important for SEO people. That will tell you domain and page authority with no, of backlinks. this is very helpful and convenient. to analyze a specific website again and again.

Google search to check duplicate content

You can check manually if your website content is copied by anyone or not. You can do it just to search a small piece of your content in quotes. for more see Specifi blog on Google DMCA where you can register a complaint regarding copied content.