how to perfectly apply 404-page optimization & Redirection

Today I just joined a new SEO organization. So at that time, I got to know that they didn’t even know what is 404-page optimization and how 404-page redirection works. So I want in and start auditing the company’s website and I found out that there was no 404 error page. I suggest my developer make a new page and redirect all pages that are not owned to this page. So my team leader said to me that there is a 404 page all this is working great. I check it was nothing like that.

She was claiming that any page like is itself as a 404 page that by default shows by the theme that it is a wrong URL. Then I told the developer to do as I day. After that, I checked as I was curious that maybe I can be wrong.

According to me, I think that all the wrong URLs of your website should be redirected to a custom page made by the name or 404 error. As we give a structure and frame to our website. That our website is limited to within this structure. The page should have all the important links back to your website. With a text, containing contact us with email id from where they can contact you. A text that indicates the user that they are on the wrong page.

So coming to the point. I made a new page and redirected all the URLs on that page. From the .htacess file, I put the redirection code for the 404 pages.

They only focused on the backlinks with very few scores of on-page optimization. I first finished all the page optimization, like

Page Speed Optimization
Disavow all harmful backlinks
DMCA – File complaint about content duplication

After this, within a month the visitor or our website is almost tripled. The website is performing way better now than before. So we should remember that a better user experience UX is a better way to go for SEO than off-page optimization like backlinks.

I always create limited Backlinks but which quality and relevant. for me, the Business listing is most important. After that, I prefer to be most active on social media and increasing my website content. Which is more than enough to be on Page one of Google search engine rankings.

According to me, the best SEO practice is to first complete your all on-page tasks and then you should analyze your competitor. This will give you a wide idea to give less time to your off-page analysis. Most of the things you can copy of you they are ranking above you in the Search Rankings.

This practice and adding some of your experience will give you more thane enough result, you are looking for. So the practice for best SEO is to be what you are. or what you want to see if you were in their place. Still facing any issue Search Land can do this task for you.