How to perfectly use Google Webmasters REMOVAL Option

Google Webmaster tool or Google Search Console one and the same thing. Just launched a new settings where you can remove URL and Cache Data from the Google search index. This is really a helpful tools but one should know when to use it. Most of the beginners will be confused that why would we remove our URL from the Google Search index? One more thing you should know that the Removal tool contains 2 types of removal

1. Block a specific URL or thee whole website from the Search Index
2. Clear the Cached data of a specific page or whole website.

If you know the difference between Blocking a page and clearing the cache data. Everything will make more sense to you.

Block a specific URL or thee whole website from the Search Index

Blocking a URL means it will be completely blocked from the Google search results (SERP). But there is no need to worry as the Google gives you a option that anytime you can revert the URL that you have blocked earlier. This feature can benefit you when you are changing your website or making a new page for that URL. You can instead of redirecting that page block it from the google webmaster tool so that it will not appear in the search result. When it will not appear in the search result. It will not harm you but benefit you.

Google Webmaster URL Removal Tool

There are also 2 types of blocking on is blocking all the prefix URL from the URL you entered in the place. This means all the URL of your website starting from this URL that you have entered will be blocked automatically with a simply submitting your . website home page URL. The 2nd one is where you can block only a specific URL of your website. This will only apply to the specific URL you have submitted.

Before submitting your URL for removal one thing you should keep in mind to analyze your web pages on the google search console and Google Analytics. So that the removal will not hurt you. But if it is you can revert it back by clicking the cancel request button available on the side of the URL submitted list.  

You will submit these URL in the following cases.

  • 1. The page is not performing will in the Google Results.
  • 2. Making a new page instead on the existing one.
  • 3. The page is harming you and the content is copied.
  • 4. In case of revamping your website.
  • 5. Changing the Niche of your website.

Removing the Cache Data for your website

Cache is the stored data or your web page that is indexed bu google. You can see your cached data by typing this in your browser ( This will show you how Google is seeing your web page. You can remove this existing data from the website. This is done in the case

  • 1. When you want your web page to update a newer version of your web page.
  • 2. In case you want to remove the page data and uploaded a new one.

In case when you clear a cache data from google you can update are re cache it anytime you want. You can do it by inspection your URL and request indexing. This is beneficial when you have a big change on your website and you want google to remove all the data stored against that web page.

These simple steps will can benefit you and your website to a great extent. As everything is sponsored by Google. The new Google Search Console is the doctor for your website when you can give command how the website should be seeing to Google.

Google Search Console Cached Data Removal

This is all for the website that you owned. But if you want to remove the website from the search index that are not yours hers you can see How you can Remove websites from the Google which are not owned by you.