How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform offered by Google. This tool is used to track the movements of users that are visiting your website. When anyone visits your website Google Analytics Tool identify the users and tell you various things like:

  • How much time a user has spent on your website
  • How many pages they opened
  • On which Pages they land and exit
  • From where the user came to your website
  • And much more.

But here we are to know how to set up goals in Google analytics tools.

There are four different types of goals in Google analytics mentioned below.

1. Destination – This type of goal is set up to counter a specific page. This will help you to tell how many users have come or landed on the page.

2. Duration – In this goal type, you set up and analyze how much time a user has spent on your website.

3. Pages/Screens Per Session – When you set up a pages Goal this will tell you how many web pages a user has gone through on your website.

4. Event – The last Event goal is set up to analyze the behavior and movement of a user. This will tell you what have they done on your website. Whether they filled a form or read your article or watched a video for how long.

Follow these steps to Set Up a Goals in Google Analytics

  • Go the Your Google Analytics Account. You will see Admin with a Settings Logo on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Open your Admin settings. You will find Goals on the Right side under all website data.
  • Click on Goals and Start setting up a New Goal.
  • Now first you have to select a template or customize your template. These templates are pre-designed according to your need. If you don’t fit in these. Customize your template on your own.
  • Click on Continue and the next step is to name your goal. You can name it anything.

Now the main part. You need to select the Type of Goal you need to choose. Choose it wisely according to your need.

Types of Goals to Set Up

If You Selected Designation

  • Then you need to put in your URL after your domain name. This will be the URL that will be measured for you as Conversion rate.
  • Now save it and from now the google analytics will start analyzing your webpage in the form of Conversion rate.
Google Analytics Designation Goal

If you Have Selected Duration

  • Then you need to set up time. This means if you select 5 minuted than anyone who visits a page more than 5 minutes will be shown you here. This is especially for the time when you want the user to spend more time where you will analyze it.
Google Analytics Duration Goal

Now If you have selected Pages/ Session per screen

  • You have to select the number of pages to say like 5. Then users who will visit your website and visit more than 5 web pages will be shown here as a goal completion.
Google Analytics Pages Goal

Now you have to save all your setting and from now all your goals will be verified and analyzed for you. You can see all your conversion on your Conversion section which is on the bottom left of your dashboard.

Google Analytics Goals Conversions

If you still have any question ask it in the comment section below. Or if you have any knowledge that can’t be explained in the comment section.

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    Very infomative article. I use Google analytic but dnt know about these features.
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