How to Identify Different Types of backlinks in SEO with list and uses

Backlinks are the spine of a website. Backlinks are the links that are coming for another website also known as the external link. When you post an advertisement on any website whether it is free or paid. That means you are linked to the website and that website is your backlinks. The process of creating backlinks is known as Link Building.


Examples of Creating Backlinks

1. Inserting your website URL in Social media like Instagram and Facebook will be a backlink for you.

2. Posting an advert in OLX or classified or directory will also count as a backlink if posted with your website URL.

Pro Tip: Whenever you post anything online don’t forget to insert you targeting website page URL as defining a URL will increase the chances of getting a backlink.

Types of Links

Do Follow: Do Follow Links are those links which pass their full trust to your website. Do follow links will look link this when you inspect them

(<a href=”” >Link Text</a>)

No Follow: No follow links are those links which do not pass their trust to the other website where you are linked to that domain. NO Follow links will look like this when you inspect them

(<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>)

  • There should be a balance between no follow and do follow links.

How to identify No follow and Do Follow the link

When you create a backlink. You need to open the view source where you are able to see your website URL. Inspect the page by pressing (Cntrl + U). An HTML page coding will appear and there you need to find your website URL by pressing (Cntrl +F). No see where your website has a no-follow tag or not as mention above.

If your URL contains No Follow tag that means it is a No Follow Link.

If you can see no tag it is a Do Follow Link.

Types of Backlinks

Business Listing: These are the websites which are generally have high authority. Making links on these websites should be the first task for a fresh site. As this will give an online identity to our Website’s Brand. Some of the free and high Authority business listing sites are

Directories: Directories are the most outdated type of backlinks. As will give no effect on the website and just create a backlink. As most of the directories nowadays are useless. It is just a way to create backlinks. Some of the directories that you can try are

Classified: Classified are types of the announcement that you can do on a regular basis. This is the best type to create free backlinks. The good classified site also gives you referral traffic when doing it in the right way. Some of my favorite classified sites are

Social Media: Social media are the best way to generate referral traffic. Most of the social media do not give a backlink but they can drive you with huge referral traffic. So when you open a social account on any of the social media. the first thing you should be doing is to follow the people, groups, and pages of your niche. Then start posting with hashtags and short links of your Targeted pages. Some of my favorite social media are

Guest Post/ Blog Post: This is the important and quality link that you should go for. These types of links are also known as contextual backlinks. Which means a link in the middle of a long article or a text which gives more authority to the website. Some of the free sites are

Question/Answer (Q/A): These are the sites where you can be active and share your knowledge or ask a question. This will also result in building up your trust. You can ask or answer a question so you can give a reference to your website. This will drive traffic to your website if you have something interserting to tell. Some of the free sites are

Forums: This is a platform where everybody involves in a particular discussion. A Forum cannot be promoted. It should only be informative and full of true knowledge. So select a forum according to your niche. Some of the free forums

Profile Creation: Profile creation are the types of the website who has nothing to do further. You just need to create an account and integrate it with everything like social media and other details including your website. Only create a profile of high authority domain that is mention below

Pro Tip: I will advise you to create only quality backlinks. As instead of 100 backlinks for poor sites will not be equal to a backlink coming for a high authority domain.

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