Mistakes you should avoid while doing SEO

Several mistakes are made by many SEO beginners. There are many things to know in SEO but when it comes to doing it. Many of you must have face problems. The way of dealing with these problems is different for every individual. So here is a quick guide to what the errors you should not make so that everything goes smoothly.

Blindly making backlinks without its relevance.

Nowadays you need not go for low-grade backlinks. Google is smart and updated about the spamming that is done by most of the SEO persons. They give all credit to just making backlinks. No matter whether they are harming you or benefiting your website.

Say you have a website regarding carpenter services, where you are linking your website to a website that has a particular niche of digital marketing. Does it have any relevance?

Before marking backlinks you should analyze the website. You should see the type of website it is.

  • What type of link it will give you. 
  • Will it generate some referral traffic?
  • Does it have the domain authority?
  • Is it relevant to your niche? 

You should start taking backlinks from Business Directories first and registering your business to all platforms like Google my Business, Yelp, FourSquare & Lacrates, etc.

After this, you can go for classified on high authority.

You are not active on Social Media Platforms.

This is also a very important task you should perform. You can drive an immense amount of traffic to your website through social media. Make use of all the Social Media apart from twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

There is so much to do on social media. First, don’t be promotional. Be very active on social media and follow people and participate in the conversation. You need to update your latest blogs and any updates, offers you have. Attract customers to see your website. 

Focusing on off-page instead of On-Page

This is the basic mistake everyone does. First, you should go and completely optimize your website (on-page). Only after that, this is not over. You have to keep updating your website content so that google crawls daily. This will give a very good indication to Google that you are the one they should be ranking higher.

Clear all your errors and warning showing on your google search console. You should also go to Disavow and DMCA. Analyze and optimize your website with different SEO Tools. This will help you to make a UX brilliant. This will increase in the average time a user stays on your website. This will automatically reduce the bounce that is a great achievement for you. 

Say you have made bulk backlinks but whenever a user comes they exit in a blink of an eye because probably you need to  

So basically first you have to work on your website to achieve something.

Do follow and No follow links ratio

Maintaining and optimizing your links on your website is a crucial task to do. No tool will detect this problem but important to be resolved. Manually check all the links on your website and make all the external links no-follow. For internal links do not use no-follow tags. This will make a large impact on your SEO results. Also, remember not to link exact keywords much time. Go for variations and synonyms.

Fist Focusing on the Longtail Keyword

You should first focus on longtail keywords to achieve your targeted keywords. It is very important to make relevant links and content containing synonyms and variations of long-tail keywords.

Longtail Keywords are easy to rank. After a successful rank, you can work on the short focused keywords. You should also try to make Anchor Text Backlinks to clearly show Google about your focused keywords for a targeted page.

Making SEO Friendly URLs

The basic step to succeed in SEO is to make short and SEO friendly URLs for your website. A friendly URL is the short one and to the point. It is recommended that the should not anything other than alphabets and slashes(-). Consider the most important keyword on your slug. 

Custom 404 Page

I have seen most of the website that does not contain a 404 page. Most of them didn’t even know what it is used for. You should create a new page by the name error 4o4. This will be the page that will appear each time a wrong URL is opened within your website. This gives an outlay to your website and boundary. That the website is stuck to only this region. You should also add all the links and an error message that this is the wrong page. Looking for something else. Go to our home page or contact us.

There are many more things that you can do like

  • Updating sitemaps manually and try to avoiding Yoast for Sitemaps submission.
  • Redirecting the old URL to a new URL before making changes to your website.
  • Mobile Friendliness is the biggest thing. You should do well as from now Google will make all website Mobile Indexing first.