How you can Rank on Google without Building Links

Rankings are very much related to your social media performance. If you are focusing on the ranking and working on on-page and off-page optimization. But ignoring social media will be a very big setback for your website. Social media can give you a boost that you can’t even think.

Social media can drive traffic to your website daily. There is no limit to post. There are a bunch of social media sites. that an give you an immense amount of audience to reach your service or content. I will tell you how you can take advantage of each social media platform where you don’t even need to create backlinks to rank higher.

Social Media Website List

D.ASocial MediaLink UsageLink Post
94 Twitter UnlimitedRegular
91 Reddit LimitedGroups
88 Plurk Unlimited Regular
96 Facebook Very Limited Regular
93 Instagram Only in ProfileImage
98 Linkedin Unlimited Regular
100 Youtube Unlimited Video
74 Apsense Unlimited Regular
88 Tumblr Unlimited Regular
90 Stumbleupon LimitedForum
95 Whatsapp Unlimited Groups
81 TikTok LimitedProfile
91 Snapchat Unlimited Post
94 Pinterest Unlimited Image
89 Telegram Unlimited Groups
96 Medium Unlimited Regular
91 HubPages Unlimited Blog
96Vkontakte (VK) Unlimited Regular
92 Taringa Unlimited Regular
92 Foursquare LimitedProfile
95 Myspace Unlimited Image
79 We Heart It Unlimited Regular
92 Flickr Unlimited Image
93 Quora Unlimited Q/A
92 Imgur Unlimited Image
89 Minds Limited Profile
92 LiveJournal Limited Blog
89 Unlimited Regular
73 fark Unlimited Regular
62 folkd Unlimited Regular
93 Digg Unlimited Regular
89 Diigo Unlimited Regular
92 Evernote Unlimited Blog
94 Soundcloud Only in ProfileProfile
93 Photobucket Unlimited Image
90 Ask Unlimited Q/A
81 Mix Unlimited Profile
94 Scribd Only in Profile Profile
97 Vimeo Only in ProfileVideo
66 Unlimited Regular
93 Disqus Unlimited Q/A
92 Dribble Unlimited Profile
40Rapichat Unlimited Regular
30search4ad.comUnlimited After 1 post Forum

Tips for Social Media Optimization

Whenever you make a post for your website remember that is should look good by assuming if you would be the audience. The only way to create a good looking post is the key to success when it comes to social media marketing. Here are some points to remember –

  1. Always use the short URL when attaching a link to your post.
  2. The placement of the link should be perfect and does not look promotional.
  3. Give incomplete information and ask the user to visit the website to read more.
  4. Usage of Hashtags according to the keyword is also important.
  5. Always attach an image or video to make more engagements.
  6. Always keep an eye on your competitor.
  7. Frequently follow people from your niche. Search them through the latest posts and hashtags.

These are a bunch of websites that can be enough for you for SEO. There are only 2 things you should remember. To maximize the output you should use these websites wisely. There are strict rules and they will ban your website URL if share with the intent to spam or promotions.

Social Media Tips

These are enough websites where you should keep updating your stuff will give you a sufficient amount of traffic and branding. Social media is a place where they already have a big community. We just have to be creative to attract the audience and there you go. 

You will get an immense amount of traffic. Not the good part is all those followers will be permanent. Each time you update new content on your website. Posting it on social media will give you a guaranteed push instantly after the traffic is reached.  You will be increasing traffic, generating leads and reaching your keyword ranking on Google.