Tips for Digital Marketers in this COVID-19 Crisis

As well all know the increasing global pandemic disease “Corona virus“. It hurts almost everything. From online to offline. I hurt the income and the economy as a whole. For people like us “THE DIGITAL MARKETERS“. We think that everything going to be good we us as we are working online. Bu this is nothing like that. You can do the work for a client but the client is not selling his product then why would he pays you. Everything can be worse. But we have to keep moving apart from this. We cannot sit at home for as long as we need money to survive. I think everyone does. 

There are some visible effects of coronavirus that are seen in the online world. 

Safety should be the first priority

Amazon Once runs the most expensive PPC campaigns is now take down it at to net ZERO

There are a lot of big companies that have totally stoped their PPC or any other paid campaigns because of this disease. So in regard to this, it will affect each one of us. Either you are earning through affiliate or ads nothing matters. But we have to survive and there is only one way to do it. “KEEP YOURSELF SAFE” Do whatever it takes but say home. If we treat us strictly according to what is the government saying. We will be in huge relief afterward.

Google Reported that its revenue from ads has extensively decreased more than half

If we are taking precautions in advance we are going to earn after that. We can be safe without any worries. This is the first step to do so. If you want to go keep yourself clean after coming back home. Take care of yourself with Face Masks and Hand Sanitizes. 

A Tip for all Digital Marketers in this crisis

I am going to suggest you make a website, I know a lot of hectic tasks and probably the most difficult one. But doing this will make you a handsome amount of money in the next couple of months. See it all depends on you. The more you work the more you earn. 

The strength of your SEO can help you here and can also improve your portfolio. This can help you to explore the task that you feared to do it in the office. This will flourish and clear your skills and set of knowledge. That is how I gained it. 

Give proper time to your niche and try to keep the website optimized with regular updates. I know backlinks can be a hectic and time taking process. But you can do Rank on Google with Social Media Optimization and that can be enough for you. The time invested at this time on you will give you long term benefits to the rest of your life.

Work from Home

All our dream came true when we are asked to do the work from home. We all sometimes in life have felt that. So it is good for you to live your dream for the first time. As now India is lockdown till the 31st of March. So keep doing your SEO and Digital marketing tasks from home. 

The above Google Trends clearly should the shift from office to home. All people are requested to stay at home and work from their. This shift doesn’t effect the digital marketers but it effect the market. But the we work for market. If it continues for long. We can face scarcity of clients and projects.

This can be a great opportunity for you to grab. As you can make side money apart from what you earn from your permanent job.