how to check your website’s keyword ranking in google search

Before you check your True Keyword Ranking in Google, You need to determine some of the points mentioned below :

  • Targeting Keywords – These are the keywords which you are targeting for your page to rank on.
  • Your Targeting Location – This will be the location/ country you want to rank on like India you will rank on for the United States it will be and for the United Kingdom it will be
  • Cookies and Save Web Cache in the Browser – This is the most important thing that most of the people neglect which leads to an incorrect ranking determination. For this, you need to use incognito Windows in your web browser

As there are several tools like Rankwatch which requires you to pay and free online tools like Small SEO Tools but I have always preferred manual method as it gives a live check for you Website’s Keyword Ranking on Google without any manipulations.

Follow the steps given below and easily avail your true Keyword Ranking in Google manually.

  • First, you need to open a new Incognito Window in google chrome. This same can be done in other browsers like Mozilla as well. But I would refer you to use chrome. Incognito window is particularly for a fresh start where your browser will not accept any cookies, cached and saved data
Incognito Window
  • Secondly, Open if in the US, Google. if in India and for the United Kingdom.
  • Thirdly, you will click setting on the google search page on the right-hand side in the bottom right. You need to click that and open the Search Settings.
Search Settings
  • Now select result per page make it to hundred and scroll down and select the region in the region setting. Now Click Save
Region Settings
  • A captcha will appear in front of you, solve it. You will be redirected to the google search page that now show your region on the left-hand bottom side.
  • Next step would be to search your keyword in google and press enter. You will get all the Search Result and now you press an f3 button (if using laptop press f3 + Function Key).

*F3 is the button to find a specific keyword on that particular page.

  • So when you press f3 you will see a search place open on the right-hand side of the right. Put your domain name in that. Only use a domain like ( without HTTP and www.
  • When you do that you will see your website from that keyword on that page. You will see a small arrow pointing downward from your website URL. Click the arrow and hover your mouse pointer on cached.
Determine Keyword ranking in google
  • You will find a new line emerging at the bottom of the screen where something like web cache and your URL will be shown and in the same line, you will find cd=6. (cd is the cached data save by Google against your website and the number against it will be your rank on the google search engine.)

This is the easiest method to determine true ranking for your website.

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