Worldwide Effect of Coronavirus on Industries

Everything has changed after the novel coronavirus. it impacted everything from basic needs to luxury. These are different measures that are taken by governments. Every country is going through the same situation. Everyone is doing what they can to eradicate this pandemic disease. See this image below in which Delhi, India government is doing.

These are the things that the Indian Government is doing that are clearly visible to me outside my locality. There is a curfew for 21 going on. The police are strict and not allowing you to leave. if you do you should travel on foot instead of a personal vehicle. Otherwise, the vehicle will be seized. The person will have to face court in this crisis. It is strongly advised to say at home and all the necessary items are being promised by the Government. WHO has appreciated this step of the Indian government. As India is in 2nd stage where it is trying not to go to the third stage that can harm India a lot.

Same as the scene with many countries including the USA. Italy where the death has crossed 6000 marks and still counting. The Italian government surrenders that things are now out of control from their hand. They have to help themselves as in this crisis no one can help anyone. Stick to your home and try to keep up the hygiene.

Market Trends and Behaviors in this nCOV Pandemic

But Obvious the essential commodities like groceries, Food, Sanitation, and Water has seen a spike upward. Where most industries have seen a sharp downfall.

There is a lot of ups and Downs seen in various industries. As obvious only the essential items are open. The essential items continue to go up and the luxury items are facing a downfall. Here we gonna discuss the industries that have seen a sharp incline in this period.

Industries that saw a downfall

Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry which was seeing a downfall for quite a long time now. It is is now declining at a sharper rate. No country is allowing people to drive their vehicle it will be obvious that both the Automobile and its complementary products like petrol and spare parts will face a decline as in whole.

Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry is also facing downfall with related products like gold & Silver. Not only this but the shops and stores selling women accessories are also at the downside of the market.


The hotel industry is in crisis. This industry may never saw a downfall if it was not a virus. The most affected industry is Hotels. Every Country has stopped travel to various paces. Most of the airline and public transported are not working on government recommendations.

Tour & Travel

This is also a badly hit industry due to coronavirus. According to me the spike you all can see in the travel meter is because when the people came to know about the virus they traveled a lot to the place where the virus has not reached mostly to their home towns. after that now they are at the bottom of the searches now that one time at the sky.

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas


Industries that saw a Plunge


Sanitizers and related products are at the spike now. The thing that one time has no value/searches to it now has the most searches worldwide. This is the most essential commodity after the Coronavirus spread.

work from home

Almost every office now turns to work from home. After the Coronavirus outbreak most of the industries, offices, and MNCs are turning to the work from home options to all its employees. This step is taken because COVID-19 spread through air and close travel. So to avoid gatherings on road & train this is the first step towards it. But if there is a downfall in most industries the work will definitely be affected. Some tips for Digital marketers in this crisis.


But obvious that Netflix will be on our list. This is what the people do when they are at home. What else someone can do the whole day. Netflix and chill the best option.


Another obvious thing. To be updated regarding coronavirus. One must stick to the TV or phone and keep on entering News. As what is happening in the country, When most of the things about the government of the daily working will be taken online through the news.

Online Shopping

Government Reliefs

Now the government of the various country is coming with different schemes to help their people of the country in this crisis. The search they have never made now is the most search term.

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